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me and kim

fear this min pin

wow.. just another lazy day. Woke up before mr. alan, of course. He's not feelin too well so i cant really bust his balls that much. Lat night was just a smidge on the interesting side. We had a lil debackle in the last night hours. But it was all for good reason. I dont think he understands that couples fight. They have to fight. Think that was the prob with most of the exs. None of them saw the importance of getting your feelings out there. Ya kno?
well anyways.. all was settled after that. It's very much known that I am THE DRAMA! not even a damn queen just DRAMA... I just have this habit of blowing everything, and when i say everything i really mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. waaaay farther than it ever needed to go, but that's me, and there's nothing anyone can do to change who i am or the way i think. Well mr. alouisous has changed me for the better in some ways.

okai.... he's gone back upstairs... good..

speaking of mr. alan... is it me or do some guys really think just about themselves?? okai we talked about this all last night, and i have talked to some descent sources..but still it gets a lil on the annoying side. okai i guess im really no better. I guess i am used to getting my own way as well, but still at least i compromise some of the time. sheesh.. i dont mean to bitch because i love him so damn much but it just gets to me sometimes..


me and kim

August 2007

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