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me and kim

wow steven segal is on tv!

wow.. i have nothing to really say.. i know, that's a first.. but in all seriousness.. my mind's blank. well, not really i do have a few things on my mind. I cried today.. it was for good reason, i think?? Al was doing the what are you really feeling thing that he does oh so well, and i just put my head down and there i went. who knew? all's well that ends well though. i def feel tons better for doing it. works been hella crazi, than again.. look where i work. pt went a lil on the aggressive side and started tossin everything that he could get his grummy hands on. other than that craziness life's been pretty calm. fam's home watchin the fight and possibly gettin a lil tipsy. i have chosen to pass on the fab idea and chill with a more sober peoples.. aka whities :). i loves me my white people, and i'm not just sayin that cause my bf is one.. although it is a bonus. i learned that white people (as he put it not me) each hella early on holidays. always a good thing since we have to make an appearance at both homes before i gota jet to work... well i gtg


me and kim

August 2007

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